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Günter Wolfgang Schnell is my name, but I prefer to be called by my nickname Wolf.

As a physicist, I worked in the field of electronics at a scientific institute in Berlin and in German and Danish industry. For the last two decades of my career, I worked as a teacher in math and physics. Now I am happily retired.

Some of my interests besides ham radio:

Photography. View pictures of Sweden’s leading contest station SK7MW and from the VUSFH Meetings 2006 amd 2007.

Working with my computer, e.g. designing web sites, manipulating images and programming Perl, PHP and Python. Try my online calculator to find out Distance and Azimuth between two stations. Also on this page is a discussion of the equations used and a Perl program implementing these equations. In the pre-PC days, I did quite a lot of of programming with a programmable pocket calculator. See Mathematics.

Building electronic stuff. On my page Electronic equipment, you will find pictures and brief descriptions of some of my projects.

DL 6 BCT is my callsign since 1989. I was licensed in 1986 (ex DG2BAW). When my son Ilan, DL5BCU upgraded his license in 1989, he was allowed to work on SW and I was not. Thus I had to learn CW and I managed to upgrade my license a few months later. Now I have forgotten CW but Ilan still is a good CW operator.

My ham radio activities have come to an end in 2010. Here a nostalgic look back on more than two decades of ham radio activity.

144 MHz has always been my favorite band. My former rig: An ICOM 275H and a COENS PA with an EIMAC 3CX800 tube, feeding 500 W into 2 x 17-element Tonna yagis, 13 m above ground, 18 m above sea level.

Nordic Activity Contest, Open Class, 144 MHz was my favorite contest. (Open Class is the class for participants outside the Nordic countries. The NAC is held on the first Tuesday of each month from 19:00 to 23:00 CET, or CEST in the summer months.)

I have participated in the NAC 150 times from January 1995 to December 2008. During that period, I had 11236 QSOs with 2980 stations.

Look up any of my NAC logs in the Index of NAC Logs.

A search engine will find all NAC QSOs you have had with DL6BCT.

View Stations wkd in NAC, a list containing every station I have worked in the NAC. It contains the station’s newest locator, the date of the most recent QSO, and the number of times I have worked the station.

View Squares wkd in NAC, a beam map with squares worked in this contest.

View NAC Processing, a page with information about my contest program and how processing of the qso data is done.

My ranking in the NAC, Open Class, 144 MHz.

Year 19951996199719981999 20002001200220032004 2005200620072008
Points * 311 759353 001323 760344 479304 728 387 387381 708401 485360 047422 366 217 142296 109287 108250 258
Ranking 2nd3rd2nd2nd1st 4th3rd4th5th3rd 7th5th4th4th

* Total of 9 best contests, in compliance with NAC rules.

View my Diplom for the 1999 NAC, Open Class.

Aurora borealis

Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, is the name of the phenomenon to be seen on the photograph above. The picture was taken by my son Arvin, ex DG3BCU late at night on November 17, 1989. The white dots in the clear sky are stars. During that night, the 144 Mhz band was crowded with stations doing aurora QSOs. (On 6 April 2000, there was again an Aurora Borealis, but less bright than the one nearly 11 years earlier.)

Mounted on the tower to the left, you can see my former VHF/UHF antennas, four 432 MHz yagis H-stacked between two vertically stacked 144 MHz yagis. All antennas and part of the tower were destroyed 1999 during a severe storm. I rebuilt the tower and the 144 MHz group, but not the 432 MHz group.

432 MHz was my favorite DX band. My score stands at 113 worked squares, see Squares wkd on 432 MHz. Although I went qrt on 70 cm back in 1999, I still hold a nice place on the DARC UKW-Topliste.

28 MHz was my favorite short wave band. On the above photograph, you can see my former three-element tri bander (10m, 15m, 20m).

Trophies awarded:
1988   DLD 1000  #537   (1000 DOKs on 144 MHz and 432 MHz, SSB only)
1993   UKW - EU - D  #141   (32 countries on 144 MHz)

I was webmaster for DARC I45 (section Worpswede) from 2000 till 2008. View this hinstoric website (phone numbers, email addresses and external links have been removed and the source code was upgraded).

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